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Count on Us for Electrical Safety in Edmonton

Electrical fire hazards are a great risk to your property, and such accidents can cause irreversible damage. That’s why it is essential to take necessary precautions and opt for regular inspection, repair and maintenance of the electric wiring and panels for your home.


You can depend on our professionals at Thormack Electric for quality and timely electrical safety assessments and services in Edmonton. Our team of experienced electricians check and resolve every kind of electrical issue at your home so that you and your loved ones are safe and stress-free. We provide meticulous installation of fire alarms, circuits, wiring, light fixtures, plugs, sub panels, basement wiring and more, and also help you stay safe from aluminum wiring hazards.


Our company is known for transparent pricing, and we provide free quotes with a complete breakdown of all the work that will be performed. Please feel free to contact us for emergency electrical services and more.

Common Causes of Electrical Fires

When one is alert, electrical fire hazards are easily avoided. All you need to do is look out for the warning signs in your home. Timely action includes shutting off the main power supply and using a fire extinguisher (keep water away from the fire). In addition to this, you must not plug heavy or multiple appliances into extension cords because they cannot take the load and are a common cause of fire hazards.

Some common signs that may become the cause of an electrical fire include:

  • A burning smell in the air

  • Power switches are hot to touch

  • Malfunctioning or charred outlets

  • Flickering lights due to loose connections

  • Worn-out or faulty electrical wiring

Don’t hesitate to connect with our experienced electricians in case you notice any of the indications listed above. Please get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

Is Your Home Safe From Electrical Fire Hazards?

We offer regular electrical inspections, repair and maintenance services in Edmonton.

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