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Edmonton Electrician

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard home electrical work around the Edmonton area.

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Professional Electricians from Edmonton, Alberta

Electrical systems in our home or office are usually taken for granted, being noticed only when something goes wrong. At Thormack Electric, we know that an electrical issue can put a damper on your daily morning routine. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of reliable electrical services in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Leduc and Nisku.


We perform a variety of electrical work. Repairing a light fixture, adding a new outlet, installing sub panels, and many more. For any electrical needs, contact us anytime.


With all 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook, you know our work is customer approved. Want a quote later at night or on a weekend? No problem. All quotes are completely free and gives you a complete breakdown of all the work that will be performed. With no hidden costs in our electrical work you won't be caught off guard. While we're performing a job and we find there may be more work needed, we will stop and talk to you and explain all the costs within, once we have approval from the homeowner we will continue. This way you can rest assured knowing that all of your residential electrical work will not come as a "shock". 


We understand that hiring an electrician can seem like a daunting task for your budget. Here at Thormack Electric we strive to provide the best rates for your work. Don't feel comfortable with the quote we provided? Just say so and we'll be happy to reconsider and adjust to what may better fit your budget.


Why hire an electrician when you could hire a handyman at a much lower cost? Handymen are not licensed electricians and are not responsible for electrical damage to your home. Electrical seems like easy work at first glance but in actuality there are years of training and exams to becoming just a journeyman electrician. A professional electrician has the experience and expertise to calculate every load, perform mechanically and electrically secure connections, and knows exactly what material would suit best for your needs. There are thousands of different ways to perform electrical work that would "work" but very few, strict ways that would make it work and be safe.


Our code book is constantly changing to further improve your home's safety. A professional electrician is always on top of these changes and can inform all homeowners of everything that is no longer acceptable to current or upcoming code. With every major upgrade we assure that you will have a permit involved. This way you aren't stuck depending on us to follow proper procedure but you will have a certified safety inspector come and view the upgrade. This is just one of the many ways Thormack Electric puts our name on our work.


Some people seem to think talking about electrical codes are some "trade secret", but this is in fact not true. We feel every homeowner should be aware of all current and upcoming code changes. This way they can consider improving their home's safety which then increases its value.


Not only do we provide services that are crafted to cover all of your residential needs, but also 24/7 emergency electrical repairs. Whether you need to want to replace those old outlets or repair a damaged line, Thormack Electric will get it done in no time. Thormack Electric believes in forming long-lasting relations with all our customers, which is why we’re always available in your times of need. Call us at 780-802-3687 to schedule a service.

What Do We Offer

When you hire Thormack Electric, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with long-lasting electrical solutions of the highest quality that not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Our solutions include:

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Residential services

We provide a complete range of residential electrical services in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Nisku, and Leduc!

commercial building

Garage Wiring

We provide seperate quotes for your installation to find the one that fits your needs and budget.


Emergency services

We provide reliable electrical emergency services for your residential electrical needs. We advise you to contact us if you're facing an electrical emergency.

Professional Service

When it comes to the electrical services in your home, you should place your trust in someone known for long-lasting results, as it saves you the trouble of more repairs later. We provide services for Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Nisku, and Leduc. We are fully trained to deal with your property's electrical needs quickly and efficiently. We don't believe in quick fixes, but actually provide customers like you with permanent results. We also offer a 1-year warranty on materials that we provide, so if there are any issues with the product, we'll return and replace it at no cost. Find out more about us to see how we satisfy customers like you across Edmonton.

We Get It Right, the First Time

Whatever the size or nature of your electrical work, from general to specialized, we can do it.

A Commitment to Excellence

If any product used by Thormack Electric fails for any reason, we will replace it for free. Work included, no costs at all!

Ensuring Your Safety

In the case of an electrical emergency that can damage your property, get in touch with us. Our electricians are all certified and ready to help!

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